Sustainable Heating Articles

by Jeff Rubin | March 24, 2021
How sustainable Heating can effect home energy use pie chart

Webinar: How Clean Can We Heat?

On April 21, 2021 we had a great discussion on Zoom about the pros and cons of our affordable heating options and their surprising climate implications. Here is … Read more

The Northeast Wood Heat Region

The Northeast Wood Heat Region is a community of local governments, nonprofits, and private companies united in solidarity against climate change. It is a distributed system of renewable … Read more

A wood pellet furnace price calculation should include the price of the fuel

Wood pellet furnace price guide

The systems are more expensive to buy, but a pellet furnace will save you tens of thousands of dollars because the fuel is so much cheaper (not to … Read more

The green energy opportunity hidden in your home

Home heating is your biggest opportunity to take direct action to reduce climate change. Let’s figure it out together. Next video: Video Transcript: When you add up all … Read more

The Secret Green Energy

If you’re concerned about climate change (and you should be), switching to sustainable heating is the best way to take direct action and make an immediate impact. Video … Read more