Erica Dana, Social Media Director

Erica Dana is a writer, technophile, gardener, and passionate advocate for the green future and sustainable living. She was an early adopter of internet technologies and uses her tech-native social media literacy to spread the word about biomass, solar, and emerging technologies. She tells everyone she meets about her pellet boiler.

Ms. Dana works at Vermont Technical College and has two grown daughters. She volunteers with Resistbot and has a long history of working with animal rescue organizations and community youth programming.

Jeffrey Rubin, Founder/Executive Director

Prior to founding Sustainable Heating Outreach & Education, Jeff Rubin was CEO and Creative Director of APM Advertising. Apparel Promotion Management (APM) grew organically from Rubin’s family roots in New York City’s Garment District. The company began by creating ads and brochures for fashion companies and over 30 years it grew to serve clients in the financial services, real estate, and heating industries.

Mr. Rubin holds a HVAC certification with an additional endorsement in wood heating from the North American Heating and Air Conditioning Wholesalers Association, and has held Real Estate licenses in the states of New York and Vermont.

Through his combined backgrounds in marketing/communications, real estate/contracting, behavioral science, and heating technology, Mr. Rubin has a unique perspective on the challenge of simplifying the complex, disruptive, and climate critical issues inherent in clean heating.