The Secret Green Energy

by Jeff Rubin | January 6, 2019

The Secret Green Energy

If you’re concerned about climate change (and you should be), switching to sustainable heating is the best way to take direct action and make an immediate impact.

Video transcript:

What if there is a secret green energy that can fight climate change twice as much as a Prius, and three times more than solar panels? I’m not talking about some feel-good, perhaps-it-might-work-one-day, green-energy future like turning algae into gasoline.

This is something we can do ourselves, right now, with existing technology just by being smarter about the way we heat our homes. I’m talking about switching your boiler or furnace from one that runs on oil or gas to one that runs on clean, renewable, automatic wood pellet fuel.

And we don’t have to give up anything… Today’s clean heating systems are automated, hands-off, convenient and can run all by themselves while you are off on vacation in the Caribbean.

This is technology that has been working in Europe for over 30 years, and right here in the Northeast we’ve enjoyed a fully functioning industry for over 10 years. We’ve had the power to change this status quo for the past 10 years, and now we are running out of time.

If you own a home I’m going to show you exactly, step-by-step, how you can make a huge difference mitigating climate change – and if your not a homeowner but still wanna help you can play an absolutely vital role simply by posting and sharing and talking about sustainable heating.

We don’t have to wait for government or anyone… If you’re concerned about Climate Change, clean-heating is your biggest opportunity to take a direct action and really make an impact right now.

Together we can bend the arc of climate change but we need to get this clean heating secret out to the millions of homeowners across this country that are still heating with oil or gas.

AND Not only can we reduce massive amount of pollution from home heating. We can incentivize forest preservation over development. And we can keep millions of heating dollars local – instead of sending them to countries that hate us, and to the big oil companies. We really need to stop feeding big oil.

Whether you care about climate change, forest preservation, or local economic regeneration, sustainable heating is an essential part of our green energy lexicon. Learn more about this overlooked and under-appreciated green energy opportunity by exploring the links in the video description.