Miscellaneous Electric Heaters

Miscellaneous Electric Heaters

There are a variety of electric resistance heat emitters on the market.

ceiling mounted electric heater
This ceiling mounted electric heater with fan is controlled with a wall mounted timer switch.
elecric wall heater
Electric wall heater

Wall and ceiling mounted units are typically found in bathrooms.

Envi wall heater.

toekick blower
Toekick blower

Some electric heaters are used as toe kick heaters.

Plugin electric heater
Plugin electric heater

It can be useful to have a plugin electric heater available in case of a heat emergency with your primary heating system.

Forced hot air trunk lines and returns
Forced hot air trunk lines and returns. photo credit: Malcolm Koo

In-duct versions can be combined with ducted heat pumps to provide peak load heating. Ducted units can also be installed in existing hot air ducts served by oil or gas as a primary heating fuel. These can be used to offset fuel usage for people with solar who might have extra net metered credits.