Whole House Heat Emitters

Hydronic Baseboard

Hydronic means hot water.  These traditional fin style baseboard units are very common and very effective.  They use high-temperature water (160-180ºF) from a boiler (also called a hydronic … Read more

Radiant Floors

Radiant floors use hot water from the boiler to heat a coil hidden below the finished floor.  This heat emitter configuration has a few advantages.  First, it is … Read more

Steam Radiators

Cast Iron steam radiators became popular in the late 19th century and were often fired in coal, then oil, and now on gas. Housing stock dating from this … Read more

Forced Hot Air Floor Register

Centrally Ducted Forced Air 

Centrally ducted forced air systems could be used for heating, cooling, or both. These systems have two parts: a) the appliance, which creates the hot or cold air … Read more


Fan Convectors

Each of these fan convector heat emitters receives hot water from the central-heating boiler. First, the water passes through a coil inside the unit. Then a fan blows … Read more

Panel radiator

Panel Radiators

Panel radiators can work on traditional, high-temperature water generated by an oil, gas, or wood pellet boiler. They also work with low-temperature water generated by a geothermal or … Read more

hydro bed

New & Innovative

All  these heat emitters are designed to be tied into a central heating boiler. Images courtesy of Myson.