What We Do

What We Do

We’re working to jumpstart a grassroots movement of climate-smart heating choices. Sustainable Heating programs empower people to take the clean heating actions that are available and affordable.


1. Education: Our program offerings include:

Sustainable Heating accredited classes, workshops, and lectures build clean heat markets through grassroots climate education. Education is how we make measurable change together.

  • The Homeowner Heating Helpdesk (The genius bar for homeowner heating questions.)
  • Accredited training for heating professionals
  • Accredited training for real estate professionals
  • Education lecture series (high school and universities)
  • Heating & Climate, a tactical guide for climate activists
  • The Sustainable Heating online learning center

2. Partnering:

We partner with kindred spirit environmental organizations to create genuine relationships around common goals. We need to spread the word about the massive impact heating has on climate; the question is: what do you need?

Whether it’s a membership drive, fundraising appeal, keynote speaker, or exciting content to keep your membership engaged, we create bespoke content that accomplishes our combined missions and amplifies both our messages. We leverage greater impact by dialing in the synergies embedded in our shared values.

Here is what we bring to the partnership:

Marketing dollars
From media plan and ad buys to collateral merchandise, our communications products are based on our 30-year background in marketing and branding.

Original content
We have inside information on the vital connection between heating technology and climate science you won’t find anywhere else.

Communications expertise
Behavioral transformation grounded in professional experience is designed and built on the climate insights your members and prospects intrinsically need to appear insightful and altruistic. In the end, it all leads to impact—for your membership or fundraising drive, for the climate, and your guest/member engagement and satisfaction.

People want to make an impact. Together we can empower climate defenders with new tools and inside information to become even better climate champions.

3. Speaking:

Looking to educate, inspire, or accelerate your impact? sustainableheating.org founder Jeff Rubin has the hidden data points and context that may be just the thing for your keynote or panel discussion. A 30-year veteran in branding and communications, passionate environmentalist, and real estate/contracting professional, Mr. Rubin has a unique perspective on the challenge of simplifying the complex, disruptive, and climate critical issues inherent in clean heating. A self-described heating geek, Rubin holds an HVAC certification from the North American Heating and Air Conditioning Wholesalers Association. His inside information makes technical heating concepts easy for anyone to understand. Participants are empowered to act and save our climate with clean heating.

What you get when you hire Sustainable Heating for your next conference, workshop, or interactive Zoom webinar:

  • An initial consultation to review your event, audience, and purpose.
  • All the information you’ll need to promote the event and a creative invitation that gets your audience fired up and anticipating a fun and insightful time together.

Pre-event (for select audiences): A snail-mail welcome package that primes guest’s imagination and sets up Sustainable Heating’s vital climate context. Participants are prompted to think about the heating questions they didn’t even know they had, and they’ll receive collateral materials that presage the community-building and high-level information to follow.

In-session: In addition to eye-opening data points and insightful contexts, participants are delighted by interactive exercises designed to build confidence and enhanced “climate defender” skills. Participants own new confidence that they can speak competently on the subject of green heating and the smartphone-tool-kitTM to back up their new knowledge. There will be plenty of time for Q & A for anyone who wishes to stick around after the scheduled end time.

Post-session: IRL (In Real Life) rewards like t-shirts and hats are awarded to participants who engage in the session’s surveys and exercises. Everyone receives a certificate. We plan at least one follow-on virtual “stream together/tweet together” (or similar) interactive event for select audiences.

Sustainable Heating Tactical Guide diploma


4. Publishing:

Sustainable Heating publishes original content on the nexus of heating and climate. We are enthusiastic about expanding our media partnerships.

Earned Media:

A Survey of the Cleanest Home Heating Options
Published November 23rd, 2020 in the Green Energy Times

Heat Pump Domestic Hot Water A/C Hack
Published June 21st, 2020 in the Green Energy Times

Wood Heat is Essential to Carbon Drawdown
Published November 15th, 2019 in the Green Energy Times

Wood Pellet Central Heating Systems and the Market Awareness
Published February 15th, 2018 in the Green Energy Times