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Sustainable Heating is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing pollution through climate smart, budget-smart heating education.

Powered by top-tier experts in heating science and climate science, we are an ever-evolving knowledge resource empowering consumers to choose their most practical and affordable climate-smart heating option.

A solitary value guides us: reduce heating pollution.

We are working to bring CLEAN HEAT to the fore of our national climate conversation because no matter how much we reduce emissions from electric generation and transportation, we won’t solve the climate crisis unless we also address the heating sector.

Learn How Heating Impacts Climate

The solution already exists.

With currently available technology, we have the opportunity, to fix the problem. But heating is complex, and no one system is right for everyone. Sustainable Heating helps individuals and businesses figure out which heating option best aligns their dollars with their values.

Learn About Clean Heat Solutions


Fossil fuel interests stand to make $33 trillion over the next 25 years while propelling us into climate catastrophe. We aim to change that with

A Grassroots, Market-Driven, Clean Heat Revolution.

Beholden to no industry and tied to no technology, we are dedicated to data-driven, practical, and affordable clean heat solutions. Together we can combat climate change and return the planet to a place we are proud to leave our children. 

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Together we are building a grassroots community grounded in shared values.

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