Sustainable Heating College Lecture Program

Sustainable Heating College Lecture Program

The Climate Effects of Heating Our Homes and Businesses

The best kept secret in green energy isn’t what you think. It’s technology that’s been proven in the field for 30 years. It can reduce your carbon footprint twice as much is a Prius, and three times more than switching to solar. So why is it still a secret?!

A marketing professional for 30 years, and an admitted home-heating geek, Jeff Rubin is fired up about clean heating. His talk “The Climate Effects of Heating Our Homes and Businesses” explores the synergy between heating, climate change, the carbon economy, sustainable forestry, and the behavioral science behind adopting new, disruptive green energy technologies.

This lecture is chock-full of surprising data-points and practical tips about how we can all pay it forward simply by understanding a few home heating basics. By the end of the presentation the audience will own a new understanding of the three clean-tech heating options can supercharge our fight against climate change.

Jeff Rubin, is the founder of Sustainable Heating Outreach & Education, Inc. an advocacy 501(c)(3) dedicated to mitigating climate change through consumer and industry education.