What are the Health Effects of Heating with Wood?

by Jeff Rubin | June 4, 2019

What are the Health Effects of Heating with Wood?

Annual Particulate Emissions for Residential Heating Systems

A  pellet boiler is the real comparison to oil and gas and has had lower emission requirements since 2015.

The picture that we have in our minds of a dirty, sooty, pre-1988 wood stove is obsolete. Modern wood and pellet stoves have gone from an annual PPM of 280 all the way down to 4.5. The EPA continues to update the standard, and in 2020 the new requirement will be 2 PPM annually.

That’s still nothing compared to a modern pellet boiler which at 0.32 ppm is half the emissions of oil and gas boilers. In 2020 that standard is again lowered to 0.10. The EPA is not updating the standard for oil and propane boilers which are currently at 0.80 and 0.51 respectively.

There is no free lunch when it comes heating our homes and businesses.

Just like cars, trucks, airplanes, and cruise ships heating emissions are not good for human health. But consider this—emissions from wood heating are a know irritant, but emission from fossil fuels are a known carcinogen. You choose.