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Our commitment to helping homeowners make climate-smart heating choices.

 A clean, affordable future doesn’t have to be complicated.
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The Opportunity

  • 5.7 million US homes still heat with oil.
  • That’s 3.2 billion gallons of oil annually.
  • Each pumps out 4-9 tons of climate-choking CO2 every year.

Today, the biggest market trend is switching from heating oil to natural gas and that’s even worse.

If you represent an organization that cares about climate, we would be enthusiastic to explore a synergistic partnership.


We stand behind every datapoint of our peer-reviewed content. Objective, knowledgeable, and technology-agnostic,
you can trust our content to reconcile today’s heating system realities with data-driven climate science.

We are guided by a solitary value: reduce heating pollution.

Here’s why it matters to climate

Sustainable Heating carbon reduction comparison chart

Here’s why it matters to homeowners

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This free 10-minute read provides a framework for how we think about the way our heating choices impact climate outcomes.

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Professional Workforce Training, Vermont Technical College, Fall 2018

Heating Education = Climate Impact

Sustainable Heating accredited classes, workshops, and lectures build clean heat markets through grassroots climate education. Together, we can scale our way out of the climate crisis by empowering individual action with simple solutions to a complex problem.

Sustainable Heating Partners, Sponsors & Content Editors

Together we are building a grassroots community grounded in shared values.

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