Electric Baseboard Heater

Electric Baseboard

Even though electric baseboard heaters work on resistance heat which does not have the leveraging effect of a heat pump, they have certain advantages that make them a … Read more

Wood Stove

A wood stove works great in a home with an open floor plan. In addition to the ambience and comfort of a cozy fire, they have the advantage … Read more

Wood Pellet Stove

A wood pellet stove has a few advantages over traditional wood stoves: A wood pellet stove doesn’t need to be tended as often as a wood stove. Depending … Read more

hydro bed

New & Innovative

All  these heat emitters are designed to be tied into a central heating boiler. Images courtesy of Myson.

Fireplace Inserts

A fire in your fireplace gives the room a comforting glow and does warm a small area. The EPA estimates that 42% of fireplaces aren’t being used. That’s … Read more


The warmth of an open fire resonates deeply in our species, but 90% of the fire heat goes up the chimney and much of the heat in the … Read more

Wood Pellet Furnace

A pellet furnace runs on the most affordable heating fuel with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions. With an environmentally-responsible wood pellet furnace you can choose to get your … Read more

Miscellaneous Electric Heaters

There are a variety of electric resistance heat emitters on the market. Wall and ceiling mounted units are typically found in bathrooms. Envi wall heater. Some electric heaters … Read more

Sustainable Forestry

Think of a tree as a solar battery. As a tree grows, sunlight, rainfall, and carbon dioxide absorbed from the atmosphere combine to store the sun’s energy. Contrary … Read more

The wood pellet spigot delivers pellets from your bulk bin right to a location in your home near your wood pellet stove with vacuum suction convenience.

Wood Pellet Spicket

Coming Spring 2019! Love your wood pellet stove but hate hefting the heavy bags? Have we got a solution for you! Imagine a wood pellet spicket right next … Read more